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  • When is a Code Update Certificate or Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) required ?

  • It varies State to State.   Some States require the Code update annually and others require the Code update every so many years. 
  • Is this ONLINE Internet Electrical Code Update Class State approved?

  • We are approved by Michigan.   Other States are regularly being added.

    We have a solid reputation of providing the best Code Update instruction available anywhere.
  • Can someone without good computer skills take the class?

    If you can read this, then you will be able to handle the class just fine.  It is so easy.

  • What do I need to attend the class ?

  • Access to any PC or Apple Mac and a connection to the internet.   It's very easy and very simple.

  • Do I have to follow a schedule ?

  • No.

    Spend as little or as much time as you want each class session.
  • Can I take the class from a computer at work AND a computer at home ?

  • Yes.
    You may login to the class from any PC or Mac connected to the internet.  You can take the class from home and work and wherever else you wish. 

    Whenever and wherever.  

  • When are the classes available ?

  • Classes are available 24/7.  

    Take the class when you want.

  • Can I get help, if I need it ?

  • Yes.

    Chuck Cossin and staff are available by e-mail to assist and answer student questions.

  • What books will I need ?

  • While NOT required, it is recommended.

  • Do I have to buy a Code book ?

  • NO.  

  • Is a "separate or proctored test" required to complete the online class to get a completion certificate ?
    No separate test,  NO hassle

    Our Online Code Changes Update class includes simple progress quiz reviews of class material, all done online at your convenience.    

    We've done everything to make your online learning experience: easy, professional and convenient.

  • How much is the online class cost ?

  • Scroll to Michigan class cost.
  • Why should I select this class ?

  • Our classes are: inexpensive, easy, highly professional and very informative. We make the Code simple and easy for everyone.

    You are the boss.

    Registering for our Online Class will save you valuable time and money.  No more unnecessary driving back and fourth to a class.

    Join thousands of other Electricians and earn your Code Update or CEUs  Online.

  • If you have any other questions:
    E-Mail:  NECDoctor@gmail.com

  • How do I register ?

     8 hrs

    $69  Total
    Code Update

    15 hrs

    $129 Total

    248 - 347 - 9000

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